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December 6, 2010
Gasp a gulp of glorious air
A breath I dared intake
The game I played was just not fair
When won the prize was fake.

A trick or two is what they said
To encourage me to play
I soon found out it was to have my head,
I was their trick that day.

So here I lay amidst decay
Pondering my useless part
Rotting in a grotesque way;
Life was over by its start.

A maggot here an inch worm there
These are my new best friends
A rat or two within my hair
I did believe my thoughts would end.

But I’ve discovered to no delight
My story is not finished
Much to my dislike and fright
My conscious brain did not diminish.

When I died that fateful eve
My end “thanks” to that scoundrel
I played not his game his game played me
I remain here in the ground as hell.

Every day I am forced to wonder
Just what it would be like
If I were on instead of under
A ground I’ve learned to spite.

It’s dark around my cloudy eyes
My coffin’s lid shut tight
I want to die when I dream of skies
So blue with birds in flight.

But as I’ve learned and do not get
To die is not so effortless
As I’m still here and will always regret
Playing that one last game of chess.

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writer3499 said...
Aug. 15, 2012 at 9:44 am
this is really interesting in a good way!! I was expecting more of an intense game instead of chess but i loved that surprise at the end! So fantastic job!!  Would you mind checking out some of my work?
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