Washed Away

June 3, 2008
By Caitlyn Buttigieg, Massapequa, NY

Nothing left to be shared,
Nothing left to be said,
Everything’s gone,
Washed away by your words.
Words of mistrust,
Words of hidden meaning,
Words that mask who you truly are.
Tell me who you really are,
For all I see is your mask,
Weaved tightly by your thread of lies,
Tied off with a knot of misleading values.
Why can’t we just cut that away?
Wash away the times of pain,
Like your words washed away what we had,
A once stunning fabric,
Fading as the years go by.
Our cloth is now full of holes,
Spaces of time where your mistrust tore us apart,
But we just patched over them,
Knitting a new age of our lifetime.
And yet, these holes are reappearing again,
Not able to be hidden behind their patches,
Just as your true self can not hide behind that mask forever.
For once in my life,
I am seeing who you truly are,
As your mask begins to crumble away.
Or is that mask still there?
And only I have lifted it off your deceiving eyes?
Why am I just now seeing what you’ve become?
Who you truly are,
When you’ve been here all along.
Stop falling apart in front of my eyes,
Because before long I will have nothing left to wear,
As the thread of your existence runs shorter upon my sleeve,
My own tapestry begins to grow.
Before long I will become immersed in this elegant new gown,
While yours runs ever ragged still,
But that, I am afraid, I cannot help,
As your thread of everlasting lies,
Has seemed to meet its end.

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