November 24, 2010
By Anonymous


I'm tired of waiting

I'm tired of wanting

I'm tired of fighting

I'm tired of being tired

I can't go on

But, I can't give up

Hope seems hopeless

But something tells me

there's hope I may not know of

I know in my head there is hope

Although waht moves me is whats in my heart

but the heart isn't always right.

So i'll wait a little longer

I'll hold on a little tighter

I'll pray a little harder

And hope a new hope

an unknown hope, (God's hope) forever

The author's comments:
This is about relationships. I know i'm not ready to have one, but my impatience pushes me to give in. I don't want just a boyfriend. I want something real. I want to get married, but the right guy hasn't come along yet. I want to be able to tell my husband that i waited for him. My impatience pushes me to settle, but i'm trying to trust god. Feelings come and go but love remains forever. I want to trust god, instead of feelings because I know that i can't see the whole picture.

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