November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

So many years of pain and im still feeling the same
Ive been trying to trust you but it just causes me more pain
I remember the day we got taking away and you just stood there and let them walk away
You were so high that you didnt know what to do which makes you not have a clue of what we been through
We are placed in these different places wondering if you would ever take us back
Nights and days go by and all we do is cry, wondering if you would ever try!
I feel like im dying inside and at times i feel like committing suicide
Wishing you was here to protect me but knowing you are far away just leaves me here in dismay
The days are passing us by and im still wondering if you'll ever try!
Im getting older and im tired of the day's confusion passing me by
All i do is wonder why pain and misery fills my life
Never asked for all of this that i received, all i that i asked for is that people hears what's inside of me
I hate that im not where i want to be
But no worry at the end all i have is me i feel like im a team player but i have no team
But out of the whole game the only person i have scoring points is me
You walked out of my life without saying goodbye being younger and not mature all i did was cry
I once wanted you ther to hold my hand but im no longer a baby i dont need friends
You became a enemy because all you did was lie i feel like my body is burning in hell because all i feel is fire on the inside

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