The Escape

November 25, 2007
By Coy Truman, Orrville, OH

Chaos fills the crumbling walls
as the system's dictatorship falls.
The chains of restraint have been destroyed,
falling into an endless void.

Tortured souls, clad in white,
run aimlessly into the chilly night.
A security guard, beaten but alive,
calls for the others to arrive.

Most get away, some are caught.
Sent back into the building to rot.
The ones that are free cry out with relief,
but this moment would be brief.

A bullet cuts through the nighttime air,
striking a patient with the fury of a bear.
He falls to the ground, writhing in pain,
on his gown is a bloody, red stain.

More guards approach, guns in hand,
leaving many footprints in the weed-covered land.
Deafening are the many shots that are fired,
More blood was shed than anyone desired.

This unexpected attempt at freedom was futile,
for they hadn't even traveled a mile.
The guards were brutal in their approach,
the patients' rights they did encroach.

Dozens of bodies are dragged inside,
Nearly half of the escapees had died.
The staff doesn't care, not seeing the pain.
this was their practice at the home for the insane.

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