A Lonely Girl

November 21, 2007
Day after Day,
Night after Night,

The world moves as I stay still.
Staring at the plain and dark bedroom wall.

Dad knocks on my door, but I feel too numb to answer
he yells, but motionlessly I don't answer.

I lie on my bed,
screaming inside my mind.

My pain forever with in… never leaving my side.
It go’s with me everywhere.

Like my shadow,
Always there.

Next my sister will turn into the darkness to.
She will before long be just like me.

And dad will soon give in to it also.
I hear the echo of glass breaking.

The sound of my mother screaming,
and me still emotionless on the floor.

The doors are slamming.
The glass shattering.

And me just falling deeper,
with no stop, no control.

Now the house becomes dark.
Only the noise of the wind grows.

And for me I have now been taken over by the darkness.
And all my fears have become a reality.

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