November 6, 2007
I never thought I'd be saying this
I never thought it'd be true
I never thought it was possible...
until i met you

My day was suppost to be dull
My sky was suppost to be blue
My life seemed so miserable

Then along came Aarick, Hunter, and You

My frown turned up side down
My knees became weak
I stood there so dumbstruck
I couldnt even speak

There were butterflys in my stomach
Chills down my spine
my legs began to quiver
Whishing you were mine

As Aarick introduced us...

Lease this is Tyson
Tyson this is Lease

My grin became a smile
I started to act shy
The only world I could get out was...

We stood there and talked
Jus tasking a few
Then went for a walk
Not really knowing what to do

We ended up at the football field

Just you and I
Talking and laughting
Letting out a sigh...

Breaking the moment of silence

you asked me out
shaking my head yes
leaving no doubt

It seems as if its all to good to be true
I never thought it was possible to love someone
As I do you.

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