A Day in the Life of Mike

September 30, 2010
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One day at school, Mike found out he had a test/
he figured he didnt have to study, because he was the best/
He walked to his next class with his head in the air/
He continued the day with the littlest of care//

Feeling care free, he met his friends at lunch/
Without a care in the world, they went off in a bunch/Returning from lunch, he proceeded to gym/
He was climbimg the rope when he fell and hurt his limb//

Having got hurt, he was asked to go to the nurse/
Proceeding to the nurse, he fell down the stairs and let loose a curse/
With the help of the principal, he finally reached his feet/
When finally reaching the nurse, he was asked to take a seat//

The nurse's examination showed all clear/
he was sent back to class with no fear/
After hearing the bell, he proceeded to his locker/
He put his books away and went to soccer//

After getting a ride home, he went to sit and relax/
He sat and listened to music because he loved the syntax/
Not worrying about the test,he began to get tired/
As he sozed in the chair, he was far from wired//

After eating his fill at dinner/
he went upstairs to sleep like a winner/
As he laid down, he fell into a deep sleep/
With no creatures at night even making a peep//

He proceeded to class to take the scheduled test/
The test he didnt study for because he was apparently the best/
Imagine his suprise when he found out he failed/
This is particulary true because he thought he had sailed!//

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