In Love With Duplicity (After the Style of "Casey at the Bat")

September 30, 2010
By ladyleigh SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
ladyleigh SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Once upon a time there was a girl at a ball/
She watched the men and women dance while her against the wall/
She envied the people around her, for she was alone/
She said to herself, "Why am I here? I should just go home,"/

She was about to leave, but then saw a handsome tall man/
He said to her, "Come. Let us dance m'lady, take my hand."/
So they waltzed around the ballroom, staring at each other's eyes/
Just by looking at him, she had gone through her sweet demise/

She wondered to herself 'What does this tall man think of me?'/
'Does he want to talk to poor me, or would he like to flee?'/
She was falling in love like any other girl/
The girl felt the ground shake beneath her, including her world/

They both talked for an interminable amount of time/
Then, it became midnight. It was time to say their goodbyes/
She begged to him, "Oh kindly gentleman, what is your name?"/
Will there ever be a time that I will see you again?"/

He replied, "My name is Henry. Dear Maiden what is yours?/
I will not forget, for you are one woman I adore."/
"My name is Elizabeth. Before I go, let us kiss."/
"No we shall definitely not," Henry quietly hissed./

"You have misunderstood. I don't love you in anyway./
I haven't known you for an hour, no less than a day."/
Suddenly, a woman appeared and said "It's time to go./
My dear beloved, who is she? Is this someone you know?"/

Henry answered, "No, I just met her at the ball today./
Do not get mad at me. She misunderstood! She's to blame!"/
He said to Elizabeth, "You must know, this is my wife./
If she knew about me flirting, she would take my whole life."/
Elizabeth's face was very red and covered in tears./
Of all the things she truly wanted. She waited for years./
She quickly left, feeling hatred and misery alone./
For she thought that this was a day that would not be atoned./

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