Gorgeous lake

June 2, 2008
On a gorgeous afternoon we took a drive.
Heading north up the mountain,
Windows down, Hair fluttering like a butterfly.
The breeze is heavy, But nice.

The sweet, Sweet smell of summer,
BBQ along the side.
Kids running around loud like a pack of wolves,
Mothers in the sun, While kids in the water.

Day dreaming while I look at the kids.
A road passes to the right,
There is a line of trees spread out just enough that you can see.
The lake is crystal clear; boats are roaming like wild buffalo.

With beautiful water rippling to shore,
There is a waterfall with rocks surrounding it.
It’s mildly wide,
But has a soft touch.

Rocks are big and tiny and small.
Kids jump off,
Water breaks their fall.
Swimming to the edge to watch their breath.

Sum beaming down, Reflects off the water.
Jealous of the kids that play around.
Asking to stop just for a break.
No answer, we keep driving

I see a campsite just in my eyes.
Trailers are open,
Tents are up and cars are parked.
People relaxing like a baby resting.

The sky is blue,
While fluffy pillows make shapes.
Different shapes and sizes,
Animals and species.

Feeling so light I could fly,
I don’t want to let the day pass by!
Tummy growling wanting to eat,
We turn off the road and rest while we eat.

We’re back in the car
I feel the mist on my face,
Turning down a gravel road,
Excited to hear what I heard!

We’re stopping at the gorgeous lake.
I can jump off the rocks,
Swim in a crystal,
And lay in the red hot sum!

Getting cooler so I come to camp.
Looking at the cars passing by.
Knowing that it was me before,
Now I’m sitting while they look at me.

They think what I thought,
Wish I was there.
My day turned to night,
While I rested there.

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