A Killer or Just Insanity

June 2, 2008
A Killer or Just Insanity
The Star Ledger, June 1, 2008

One morning
a woman
picks up her mail

the mail man greets her

he is the only person around
who does.

Neighbors run and hide in fear and
no sounds of children laughter is heard.
Parents lock their doors
with terrify.

She has no ordinary record,
if killing your parents is.
Being a killer could have side effects
and three years in the hospital
does help.

She wanted to start fresh and clean
but others could not accept her.

Neighbors weren’t happy
and protested.
The news was spread out.

In Monmouth Beach people
ignore and isolate a woman
who was not found guilty
for her unacceptable deeds

people don’t understand
she is a lonely woman
who is just mentally ill.

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