Always, Best Friend

November 9, 2007
We've been Friends since the seventh grade.
When u hurt I Feel your pain.
So there aint No way that's going to fade away.
You will always be my righthand and i will always be yours.
I'm always going to have a shoulder for you to lean on, and a ear listening to what u have to say. {Are You Listening}
And Im always going to be there for you, Even if Im a Thousand miles away.
Cause I'll only be one call away.
Even though we don't get along 100% of the time.
We know its all good cause I'll always be your Best friend and you definitely always be mine!
I'll never be able to find another friend like you.
Cause no one else I know has ever been through as much as Me & You.
I feel like I can tell you everything on my mind and you will always understand.
Your the true definition of a Bestfriend.
And i have mad Love and respect for you.

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