Peaceful Coercion

November 8, 2007
By Nicholas Gilchrist, Wagram, NC

Peaceful coercion was a bust
The British walked all over us.
“We’ll set an example!” Jefferson said.
“We’ll work through peace, not bloodshed.”

A few years later a boat is seized,
The Chesapeake is stormed by British police.
They say they want deserters, but we say no,
They let off a couple rounds, drag off the men and go.

This whole while, Jefferson’s having second thoughts,
Contemplating, pondering about the lives that we lost.
It was then that he decides there’s only one way to go,
We’ll have to shut off foreign relations with an embargo!

We all knew he meant well, but the whole thing sucked.
France and Britain didn’t need us and we lost mad bucks.
Jefferson saw this and he said to himself,
“We’re kind of in a rut. We need to think of something else.”

So two years later, non intercourse acts
We’re put into effect and they made sure that
We didn’t trade with France and Britain at all.
Though better than the embargo, it was still very flawed.

So later on, Nathaniel Macon goes and draws up a bill
Letting France and Britain know that we would strike up a deal
With whoever stopped seizing our vessels for gain
And we’d cease all trade with the other domain.

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