Macon’s Bill No.2

November 8, 2007
France and Britain in grave conflict
They felt the need to seize our ships
Restrictions being placed on trade
America between them, no way to persuade

James Madison took the presidential seat
He was small in stature, his voice was weak
His cabinet corrupt and full of groups
A party divided, no way to suit

A far cry from Washington’s lead
Madison attempted to appease
Non-intercourse act due to end
But congress decided to break the trend

To Madison’s dismay, the act was destroyed.
There wasn’t a backup, no other ploy

Congress decided to take the throne
The purpose of their gambit shone

A lure was thrown at Britain and France
A hope to put them in a trance
Macon’s Bill No. 2 was the bargain
An attempt to throw them with our jargon

Napoleon took the bait
He saw the chance to negotiate
If trade against us would repeal
We’d restore embargo to seal the deal

France struck a deal with Britain
A promise was made within the sitting
But Britain could not handle
They did not comply with our gamble

Madison had no choice
He was forced to raise his voice
The embargo was restored
We didn’t want to strike this chord

For once again the time was war
The Indians in a large uproar
Britain the backbone of their rise
War was coming, time for Britain’s demise.

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