mommy dearest

August 20, 2010
By SocialButterfly BRONZE, Sandpoint, Idaho
SocialButterfly BRONZE, Sandpoint, Idaho
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"when life hits rockbottom, theres always someone something anything that makes you smile"

your fight is my fight
your breath is my breath
till the very last night
ill be here

you were my hand to hold
my shoulder for spilling tears
you're the shape that was my mold
you made me who i am today

from saddened eyes
to shaking limbs
boy time flies
when you're living for what you have now

days go by
weeks come and go
all i have to do is try
try to be strong for you

you're fading away
so fast i can't catch a grip
wish you'de be a plane put on delay
then you wouldn't fly so soon

on your very last day
when you're trying to hold on
it'll be okay
i'll be fine

i need you to know
it's your time now
just let go
your time is done

i love you
you'll be remembered
i'll miss you
you'll stay in our hearts forever

from our hands last touch
from your hearts last beat
tears will fall so much
hearts will ache so bad

but you'll be watching over me
i know that for sure
you'll watch and see
that you made me who i am

so mommy dearest
whenever i feel like falling
i'll count on whoever is nearest
to catch me like you always have.

The author's comments:
a poem that my mom inspired me to write, she passed away this year

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