Something Has Changed....

July 14, 2010
By Ellaa GOLD, Belmar, New Jersey
Ellaa GOLD, Belmar, New Jersey
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When you left I fell apart
A hole in my heart started to grow.
It grew larger and larger as the days past
The days you were gone the days that you could have been here
For me.
But you left me for her
She was better
You told me you loved me,
And you would never hurt me
But you broke your promise.
And now the pain is growing inside of me.
It feels like a dieses,
That affects my whole body
One that doesn’t go away
A diagnosis that only I can make.
A doctor will do no good
All those memories we shared
They meant nothing to you
But something to me.
And falling for you
Well I guess that it was a mistake
But I will always love you
And now that the days are getting longer,
And days start to turn into months ,
And months turn into years ,
And after a while the hole that I thought would never be repaired starts to become patched up.
I realized that you were just a drug in my life
You made me feel good
But when you left
It was like the drug started to disappear
And drugs just make you depressed
And depressants are for people who have no life.
But my life means something…
And I plan to do something reasonable with it.
This is the turning point of my life
And now it’s time for a new beginning.
Without you
And because im without you
Let’s just say,
That drug is no longer needed in my life.
And you’re just a person who once meant something in my life…
But no longer do you hold a place in my heart.

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