I soothe your pains

September 1, 2007
By Gerynn McFarland, Kyle, TX

I soothe your pains, I make your cheers I take away all your constant fears I allow you to be someone for just a moment in time And let you believe everything will be fine I allow you to breathe, allow you to rest Allow you to get things off your chest I introduce you to new people, you would normally not meet I get people dancing out on the streets Im the reason you can't sleep The reason you can't remember your dreams The single thing thats sucking away your life Without you even knowing its slipping by I haunt homes from the streets Just by the visions on the news of me The constant worry of what to do when your son takes an interest in something "new" I cause break ups and many crime sprees I can cause a man to fall down to his knees I cause marriages to weaken, moms to move out I can cause dad to scream, hit and shout I want you to do the best you can To make a fool out of every man who takes the slightest interest in me Because of his own damn stupidity The urge to put me close to his lips And take those first precious, satisfiable sips And before he knows it hes totally mine He just can't have me without committing a crime I cause too many accidents, too many wrecks I'll be the cause of a loved ones death I cause teenagers to drop out from grades gone bad And the same teens to become premature dads Why doesn't someone stop me? Why doesn't anyone care? The truth is.. the can't because I'll always be there No matter how much you try and hide the temptation of it all You just can't get rid of me.. alcohol

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