My Ode to Autumn

October 27, 2007
Thick turrets of fog,
Savage lightning and angry thunder,
Rivulets of silvery rain splashing unto the rooftops.

I love it all,
The sights,
The smells,
And the sounds;
Even the way the air wafts gentle tastes of Autumn unto my tongue.

It all entices me,
draws me in,
And makes me remember why I dream of Autumn all year long.

All of the other seasons are lovely in their own ways:

Springs is the sweet escape from the death hold winter takes on us;
With new buds of life forcing their way up through the melted snow.

The scorching heat of summer makes little ones beg for ice cream,
And causes normally sane people to forget their day-to-day worries,
Behind the masquerade of vacation,

And winter brings that wonderful, icy chill that drawseven the clostest of lovers closer still.
Even the Ocean, the strongest willed being,
Must bend its will to Winter.

No matter how lovely,
No other season can compare with Autumn.

The earth is filled to overflowing with hues of amber and red,
The leaves rustle from beneath covered feet,
And the Sky,
oh the beautiful
Bursting with shades of rose and lavender,
While the sun seems to play peek-a-boo behind the clouds.

Autumn is the season for Dreamers and Lovers,
Dawdlers, Evening-Walkers,
And Thinkers.

Autumn is the Season for me.

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