Freedom from the Veil

October 25, 2007
By Christina Chao, East Brunswick, NJ

Sometimes she would sit by the window sill,
And she would cry and try to hide the pills,
Her beautiful face hidden by a mask,
Emotions bitter as wine in a flask.

The midnight black veil covering her face,
Preventing her from beauty and from grace,
But living where tradition dictates life,
She wears the veil only to avoid strife.

Inside she feels her life is worth much more,
So sick of always sprawled across the floor,
When her husband comes home and lets it out,
He disciplines her by harsh strikes and shouts.

Inside she feels she has to find a way,
To leave this life and live another day,
Where happiness and freedom she can find,
And bondage of the veil she can unwind.

In the darkness of night she runs away,
Her broken past and memories, they stay,
Wearing the veil to be one with the night,
She gathers herself up for a long flight.

Across the turbulent waters she goes,
The taste of freedom she finally knows,
As the horizon reveals a statue,
Inside of her heart she knew what to do.

That very moment she stepped onto land,
The feelings of liberation were grand,
The fabric that hid her identity,
Was now floating in the open blue sea.

Hope was with her, she was finally free.

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