Broken Beyond Words

May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

You couldn't understand
Even if you tried
The reason that she cries at night
The reason she tries to hide

Don't try to come any closer
She'll just push you away
There is something that you don't know
words she couldn't say

She tries with all her might
to be herself around her friends
but something doesn't feel okay
a broken heart that cannot mend

She tries to act 'normal'
to laugh, and be happy
but there is always something wrong
she is trapped in her own little hell

she wants to keep speaking
to blindly spill her words
like the blood that stains her hands
but she is weak,broken beyond words

at time she's painfully shy
the dove that cannot fly
dying on the inside
a body without mind

At times she sit so still
eyes squeezed shut, not breathing at all
if her lungs will let her breath...?
Imagining,with broken wings, the fall

At times she wants to die
In the face of devastation
But she's too weak, broken beyond words
Imagine me as-with broken wings-i fall.

The author's comments:
People don't truly get to know a person.They can act happy.But some of us are undoubtedly sad.We cant help it we've always been that way.Right?...

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