Living With the Gray Day

May 27, 2008
By Chris Shaw, Vancouver, WA

Rain taps the window
Feeding off that cold pain of glass
That separates you and the world beyond
The moment you feel the cold air seep

Thoughts whirl about your head,lingering
Before the make their way to your mind Where they find a benign home
On these days,
Street lights flicker on and off
Unable to identify their own ambitions
Like the inhabitants of those kept safe
By their omniscient promises of light
On these days where light fades
Into Gray and accumulates sparingly
Within the conscious of those it finds
One can only help but think
If the heavy cold air will anchor you
Down to the depths of fears realized
Or propel you to the triumph
Of facing a new challenge
The day festers on as gray
But life pursues colorblind
Ignoring the solemn undertone of the day
Showing which path is worth being taken
Rising up against the rain and cold
Providing you with the security
And warmth you'll need
For the journey ahead

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