I am From

May 27, 2008
By Melanie Beam, Mattawan, MI

I am from a world of laughing and giggling
from yelling to screaming and
from crying to caring.
I am from eating something that has been burnt on the grill
or is just right every weekend
to going out on every special occasions imaginable to
eating something simple at home.
I am from a world of tons of basketball hoops lying on the ground
to standing tall and proud and from
little kids rolling around kicking and screaming
because they can't make it in.
I am from soccer and football
slide tackling and tripping
from field goals to penalty kicks and from
bags of ice to band aids and to the hospital to home.
I from school to home and home to school
from parents yelling “get to your room”
and to teachers yelling “get in the hall”
peers hands flapping in the air and
my sister's legs flapping under the table.
I am from the beautiful purple leaved trees
standing tall in my front yard
to little shrubs dying and dead in my back yard
to little potted flowers on the porch my mom got for mothers day.
I am from moon and star shaped pillows laying neatly on my bed to
blankets bunched up in the car to make the perfect pillow
and to coats making the best blanket ever while sitting in a movie theater.
I am from colorful paper to
fun stickers
to pictures being cropped to fit the paper perfectly
and to boxes of books with loads of memories.
I am from boxes with papers from 1st grade
to drawers with passing papers from 5th grade
and to art projects from pre-school.
I am from bad days to okay weeks
to getting grounded to being free for weeks
and from not eating dinner to stuffing myself with food
and from laing in bed not sleeping to not waking up from the sound of my alarm clock.
I am from a world of happiness to friendliness
from nervousness to excitement
and from loving and caring.

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