Warrior's Love

May 12, 2010
A smile, a look, the last time I gaze into your eyes.
The heart hurts, the body aches, the head constantly lies.
You walk down the path, on your way out.
I purse my lips, trembling gently, then shout.
“Roy!” I run to your open arms, bury my head in your chest.
You squeeze me tightly, ignoring all the rest.
“I love you, I always will.”
No one can describe, the emptiness I feel.
When you are gone, far away from me.
Across the world, destined to be.
The savior of us all, the hero that will fight.
But my heart aches for you, something isn’t right.
Far away you are indeed, lost in a cloud of fear.
I clutch myself, crying, shedding many a tear.
The days pass slowly, the years go by at last.
I watch for your coming, but it seems a thing of the past.
Will you ever return? To love me as you did?
The girl you once knew, ran away and hid.

Two years have gone, and you still are nowhere near.
I am bent over my work, when above the silence, there rises a cheer.
“Our savior is back! He has come home at last!”
My mind dares to hope, as the trumpets begin to blast.
Down with my work, through the door, I fly.
Heart screaming in my chest, mouth open in a cry.
Emerging from the crowd, there you stand today.
Smiling in the perfect, exact same way.
We embrace each other tenderly, and steal a naughty kiss.
Our hearts are one and full, with nothing to miss.
I smile at you, and you at me.
And the only words needed, are the truest three.
“I love you.”

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sparkofheart said...
Jun. 4, 2010 at 10:06 pm
that was soooo cute!!! loved it! <3
Snikerdoodle replied...
Jun. 5, 2010 at 6:47 pm
Thank you!!!
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