Silhouettes in the Sand

October 14, 2007
By Brittany Balloun, Springfield, MO

The environment serene,
The air brisk,
Obscure fog all around-
Clouds mask warm sunlight
Like a child covering her eyes--
Suddenly a ray of light shimmered
in the blue water-
A treasure being showcased.
Seeing the ocean, for the first time

This is what awaited,
Squinting at the horizon to see
Faint silhouette figures
surfing in the distance
Feet sinking in sand while walking,
Dark shadows cast against the shore

Tremulously placing her hand in icy water,
Ripples growing with each stroke
Taking a glance at the iridescent reflection staring back
Resonance cascading like a waterfall
Stopping for an instant
to contemplate,
Who am I?

Enjoying life at its best,
One step at a time
Taking in nature’s beauty,
Not wanting to avert it
Preserving the beauty,
keeping the memory
like a priceless treasure
Seeing the ocean, for the first time

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