Another life gone to the barrel of a gun

October 10, 2007
By Luis Jaime, Boston, MA

Another life gone to the barrel of a gun

With the dead stare in his eyes without remorse this is someone's son

Good grace what does it take to keep death off the shoulders of the youth

And the murderer just living comfortably living ruth

Less is all we can expect

Because the lives of the future we must protect

Why should we place rest in peace pins on ourselves of the ones we gave life

And then turn around and let the streets burry them six foot deep, naw this cant be life

The rewinding of past memories replay themselves day in and day out

But to squeeze your index finger on a young one,

shouldn't have to go that rout

Jesus put us on earth to grow and grow we shall and learn to love another

Not to live with hate and let hate grow and take the life of your brother

If Jesus said let there be light

Not to change it up or anything

But he should've said let there be life

I pray for the mans reexistance everyday so he can put a stop to the endless bloodshed

And hope he comes soon so the earth doesn't run red

So to all the murderers dealing with the gunplay

If death was to turn there guns against them

Whats left for them to say.

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