i scream u smile

October 3, 2007
i scream u smile
i cry u laugh
i run u run after me
i beg u not to u hit me
i try to get up u throw me back down
u punch me and i hit the wall
then alone im falling
sliding down into the darkness that consums my life
i wake up ur there
over me
hiting me
rapping me
i try to move but i cant
i try to fight back but i have no strenth
i taste blood
the crimson's running freely from my head
i try to move my hand to stop it but i cant left my arm
with another thrust i let out a silent cry for help
no one hears
no one cares
so i let myself give up and slowly i slip away
to a place where im free from fear
free from pain
free from......
my life

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