Ever get where you

October 3, 2007
Ever get where you
Just can’t say what you feel
Can’t even put it to words
"I love you" doesn’t seem
To cover it all anymore
When said or written
You can’t help but feel
Like you've left something out

And when you find go to find it
That little something else
It hides from you
Mocks you behind your back
You almost caught it once
But it turned out
Not so satisfying when found

So now it wanders through your mind
It still mocks you
Your heart understands
Because no you know
When saying "I love you"
That little thing
Reassures your mind

With its mockery
That there’s more to be said
It confidences you love
Sends your words
On golden wings
On a one way ticket
To your loved one

And maybe just maybe
One day your loved one
Will see those wings
And they'll know
What you meant to say
But never known what
It is to be said

And they'll say it
With it also mocking them
Always behind their back
They’ll say
"I love you too"
But not on golden wings
For it is your way
Of showing your love

Those words will arrive
On a silver platter
You may not see it then
But one day you'll understand
Their wonderful way of
Saying what can’t be said
And you'll see that silver platter

Everything they've not to say
Will have been said
And once you both finally
Know about each others little mocker
All mockery will end towards
You and your loved one
The unsaid will be at peace
Because it will be found
By someone willing to find it

So now I say
Tolerate this little mockery
That you have now
Because it has a purpose
And one day you'll understand
Why it exists

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