April 13, 2010
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Outside, silence surrounds me.
My mind coping with complex ease.
Thought focused,
but do not move strenuously.

Outside, i aimlessly daze into the atmosphere.
Prisms of sunshine and birds no longer exists here.

But I feel no remorse.

Outside, my thoughts override my emotions.
Or maybe my emotions override my thoughts.

I contemplate.

Outside, everything is set free.
There is no such thing as gravity.
Aberrant discoveries cloud my memory.

Outside, I sit and observe.
The silence keeps me sane,
no tears.
Banal theories all disappear.

Outside, my conscience runs away;
but my soul is in melancholy, intimidated, in a harangue.

As for my heart, it's fading into my sleeve.
Astute references clearly are not me.

Outside, is tranquil, calm, and serene;
at times it even hides the poverty.

the restless.
the reckless.
the baleful.
the true.

Outside, I progress, and I pursue.
The beliefs, they are under my feet,
all I feel is air,
as it pushes away my fears.

Outside lays relentlessly,
attempts, chances, and endlessly...


Outside, I find I explore, I linger,
but not meticulously.

Passions, dreams, and epiphanies.
They all become reality.

Outside, there rest quandaries.
They dubiously pique until they are no longer an onus.

Mundane tasks,
they are extinct from my focus.


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