Where I'm From

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m from my parents Kevin and Laura.
From mismatched clothes I picked out,
From monkeys, monkeys, monkeys,
And from “eronki” cheese and hot dogs.

I’m from tumbling in the back yard,
From “Dance Any Way You Want To” and “Bean Bag Balance”,
From practice, practice, practice,
And from gymnastics meets every weekend.

I’m from sensitive sally and papa bear,
From Tommy, Chucky, and Dill,
From cartoons, cartoons, cartoons,
And from movies like The Karate Kid.

I’m from one present on Christmas Eve,
From seafood that makes me want to puke on Thanksgiving,
From traditions, traditions, traditions,
And from ice cream cake on my birthday.

I’m from laughing so hard I spit my milk across the table,
From opening presents at 3 am then rewrapping them,
From memories, memories, memories,
And from a family that couldn’t be better.

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