Behind the Glass

May 17, 2008
By Kayla White, Central Square, NY

I sit here waiting, watching life go by
I sit here wondering why
Why is it that you are all out there when I am behind the glass
This glass that binds me, keeps me from the world, a world that I wish to be in, at last

Go back a couple years, and you can see
How happy we were, so free
We said we would always be close, we would always understand
But this is not what we had planned

I press my face to the glass and watch you from inside
I see you walk down the streets filled with confidence and pride
Why is it that you are changing and I am not
I’m still the same person I’ve always been, you’ve just forgot

Life has taken you and has shown you new things
It has given you more chances, it has given you wings
Why couldn’t it have just let you be
Because now everyday you get pulled farther and farther away from me

Whenever I see you, I don’t feel we’re the same
I feel we’re different people now and I don’t know who’s to blame
I’m so afraid that one day you’ll walk away from me
I hope that someday I can break this glass and see what you see

I want to understand why, why you’re changing so
I want you to tell me, so I can know
I want us to become closer like before
Before life gave you that door

But for now I sit here and wait
And watch you live your life so great
Because I know someday soon, I’ll understand
Because I will have broken through this glass with my bare hand

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