A fantasy land for you!

March 20, 2010
By SunnyG SILVER, Bear, Delaware
SunnyG SILVER, Bear, Delaware
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A fantasy land is where you can be found
Where everything is beautiful from you to the ground
In the real world the saying "you can be anything"
Honestly doesn’t mean a thing
Here you may dream, and you may be
You are honestly free
You may sleep all day or sleep all night
In a Fantasy land there is not need to fight
In a Fantasy world everything is all pony’s and unicorn’s
But back home is all rules and wars
It is a beautiful place
As long as it holds your face
You are queen
Of this never ending dream
You can make it how ever you want
Do it early or right up front
But remember the longer you decide to wait
The more you will hate
This amazing place is not complete without you
If you agree I can be there too
Side be side like Bonnie and Clyde
From beginning to end
I’ll be more then a friend
With a shoulder to cry on
And a hand to hang on
You are one step closer to heaven
You know it’s what you’ve been cravin

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem for one of my best friends who helps me alot for her birthday

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