Thunder Rolls Away

March 9, 2010
By tay_dib BRONZE, Cameron, Wisconsin
tay_dib BRONZE, Cameron, Wisconsin
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It was a quiet night until I heard the first big boom.
I ran to my Dad and said “Daddy, what is that?”
He told me not to worry, it was just going to rain.
He then took me by the hand and led me out to the front porch,
And pulled me onto his lap.
I remember the smell of my Daddy,
That smell of fresh soap.
I remember the smell of the ground,
That smell of wet earth.
I remember when my Daddy told me
To look up at the sky.
He pointed up and said, “See that cloud, it has the potential to become a tornado,
But you do not worry, unless I’m worried.”
I remember hearing the rumbling of the thunder,
And seeing the lightening strike down
Onto the earth,
And I remember clinging to my Daddy
Like butter to bread.
I remember feeling the presence of love,
Just me and my Daddy watching the clouds roll on by.
I, also, remember growing older,
And my Daddy not wanting to watch the lightening,
Or listen to thunder with me anymore.
I remember forgetting
What my Daddy’s love felt like.
And every time it storms
I can smell the rain,
And the smell of my Daddy’s soap.
And every time it storms,
I can feel the presence of love
I still long for from my Daddy.
The Daddy who would pull me into
His lap every time it stormed,
And tell me he loved me when I was scared.
And the Daddy who was patient
With a young innocent girl.
I remember me being
Daddy’s girl.

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