Upstand to Depression

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

How do I feel?
How!? Or should it be what?
The feeling I feel should erupt
So overwhelming its surreal

Pain and misery
Its a rush, no need to creep
Pulling me down slowly
Into the water so deep

It's gloomy...dark
So much depth around me
But I feel closed in a box!
Not ordinary texture, but one made of bark

I scratch at it
Begging to be free
But my nails wear down
No one there to help me

So I drown in my lonesome
The little spec in the distance
Is the happiness burning off a shining sun
I could reach it, but sadness overwhelms persistence

So down..
I fall
No return..

As I sink lower
The cold clings to my skin
But inside my heart burns
Because the war will never end

Agonizing war I say
Like Persia and Rome fighting in present day
Strike my heart with 2 ft. swords
I question myself can I take much more!?

It Hurts...
Hurts so bad!
Relief from the wounded flesh
Happiness brings anew so I may feel refreshed

But happens when joy has loss
Depression is that state, I know
I feel as If I've sunken too low
Somewhere where no normal being could go

Wounds to the heart never heal
A river flows many ways from where the blood spills
Chest goes cold, brain release the feeling you cant hide
Because you've truly died inside

Mind and body
Coincide as one
So when the mind dies
The body has soon begun

Muscles tense and grow weak
Fact remains You're young, but feel so elderly
Knees buckle, back cripples
You try to continue but your strength is so little

You fall and can't get up
Agonizing but quiet pain creeps up
Torn like the paper you tear
Your last breathe is but another riffle in the air

But still I am here
Wounded and torn
Pain, Misery, inside cries
Mind and body may at times seem to die

My face has become worn
From the many emotions it hides
The flame in my soul continues to burn
With it depression can wound.....but the war I survive

The author's comments:
If you have EVER felt depressed then you what I have felt and this is a taste for those who quite dont understand. Hope you feel it.

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