Two Apples on the Table

February 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Two apples laid on the table
Both of them juicy and red, I find
And when I finished reading each one's label
Life and death were both on my mind

For the one on the left, read instant death
While the other on the right, read a beautiful eternity
And I had the choice of taking my last breath
Or live to see the age of modernity

It may now seem an easy decision
Or probably had always been a simple one for you
But I struggled as if feeling the pain of an incision
And desperately wondered what to do

For I had lived long enough to see the evil
Hidden among the depths of mankind
And destruction to nature caused by their upheaval
And the list of every possible bad, combined

And here laid in front was an easy way
Leaving behind the dark by a bite
I looked around to see my last day
Yet my hand felt shaken with a fright

I felt reluctant to touch the left apple
My eyes involuntarily closed, my mind searched God
And I heard His mocking remarks in the chapel
I shuddered as I heard the word fraud

I felt myself enlightened, I had to confess
I wasn't different from the rest, right?
I was leaving the world in this mess
And from the right apple, I took a bite

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