"An Untitled Heart"

January 24, 2010
By Forever_Always BRONZE, Ellicott City, Maryland
Forever_Always BRONZE, Ellicott City, Maryland
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If only everything could end
But I know my heart will never be the same again
All these things keep going wrong
My misery will neber be over because my feels too strong
I'm in so much pain, my heart actually hurts
No one will understand how my aching heart works
I feel alone and small in this big world
That everything and everyone is spinning in one big twirl
I;m not surprised anymore about all these bad things occuring
I'm no longer worried
I feel nothing but pain
And my eyes do nothing but rain
I want someone to come and tell me everything will be alright
That in the end I'll be standing in the light
But that would be a lie, that would never come true
I'm suffering, miserable, and alone, and theres nothing can I do

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