The Best Project Ever

December 21, 2009
By Alison Ratti BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Alison Ratti BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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At six fifty-five, my alarm clock sounds,it's time to wake.
I click of the buzzer and decide more sleep i shall take.
It's now seven fifteen and my mom yells, "Time to gte up!"
My mom has already poured fresh orange juice in my cup.//
Next comes the Lucky Chram; crunchy, tasty, and oh so sweet.
Sooon my hair becomes hot from my straitenerand its heat.
I glanced into the mirror and what i happened to see,
My straight brown hair, my big brown eyes and my face full'a glee.//
Something will go wrong today; i sensed it when i awoke.
I hope when i present my oral project i dont choke.
Hating Monday is normal, but today i really dread.
I don't know why but i'm wishing it's only in my head.//
I walked down the stairs and Ralph greeted me with a huge smile.
So i played with since I don't have to leave for awhile.
Oh how I love my dog Ralph, even though he is so fat.
Oh yeah, my homework! I can't forget that.//
It is on my hazel nut desk, this i was sure i knew.
I remember putting it in my floder that was blue./
I cannot forget to bring it my floder is in there./
Now i choose my outfit becuase I have finished my hair.//With my outfit complete, I am almost ready to go./My clock says it's seven thirty-five, I hope it's not slow./"Alison Danielle, its time to go!" is what my dad yells./Oh my gosh! I still have to take out the garbage that smells.//I hurriedly run to the kitchen to take out the trash./On my way out, I knocked out ancient vase with a crash./Darn it, now i'm gonna have to go back and clean up that./My sister calls my name nut i say, "Sorry, I can't chat."//Grabbingmy backpack on the way, I run to my dad's truck./Quickly, I wave to my nieghbor playing with his toy duck./Riding in my dad's car with the heater on high,/ I rehearse the speech for my project and ride fleis by.//Bragging about my assignment to one of my bestfriends,//I takled to her so long the=at out of nowhere homeroom ends./"Where's your work?" asked Miss Smith, "Accepting them late Iwill not."/ Rith then i relized my blue folder is what I forgot.//

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