That’s Life Kid

December 18, 2009
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There once was a boy named Nick,
In 4th grade he made a Friend named Ted.
Ted said, “If I pick my nose would you do it too?”
Nick said, “Sure,” and he picked it clean.
In 5th grade Ted said to Nick,
“If I cheat on this test would you cheat too?”
Nick said, “Sure,” with a giddy remark, and passed the test with an A.
In 7th grade Ted had said, “If I break this window would you break another?”
“Sure,” Nick said and smashed a window hurting the children below.
In 9th grade Ted said with a smirk, “If I cheat on my girl friend would you cheat on yours?”
Nick looked at Ted and said, “Sure!” He broke his girl’s heart and he broke it good.
In 11th grade Ted said to Nick, “Will you drop out of school and become a druggy like me?”
“Sure,” Nick said and he dropped out of school and smoked some nice dope.
Not in school because we’re too cool for that,
“If I shoot at the police would you shoot them all too?” Ted said wired and tired.
“Sure,” was all Nick said as he shot out the drug house.
Out of prison 70 years later:
“If I jump off this bridge and end my life would you do it too?” Ted said in a whisper to his old friend Nick.
“No.” he stood out firm in is shiny new wheel chair. “I’m going to life my live, not follow in yours. You go. You jump and I will only say sure whatever.”
Ted jumped and he died and, for the first time, Nick felt alive.

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