November 10, 2009
By hlbs4him SILVER, Lumberton, Mississippi
hlbs4him SILVER, Lumberton, Mississippi
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While I’m sitting in this class
simply waiting for time to pass.
My mind begins to wonder
and then I start to ponder.
What you might be doing,
How you might be feeling.
I’m staring at the ceiling.
No longer in this world am I.
I’ve taken to a waltz in the sky.
Just you my love and I
Much too far from here, for to even hear
the teacher speaking, the pencils squeaking.
My body’s in that class,
but my mind is far so fast
from the books and pages,
pens and pencils,
times and places.
For all I hear,
is your heartbeat in my ear.
And my only fear,
Is for its sound to fade,
I want it always played.
A melody as if wrote for me.
But over now this class it be,
so I come back to me,
just so that I may
finish off my day.
And bring me one day closer,
To my future,
where this daydream is my life.
And you my dear, are my wife.

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