You Will Never Know

You will never know what you have done to me.
You will never know you’re losing your love from me.
You will never know a single day alone.
You will never know that I miss you so.

You used to be here for me, I wish you were around; I miss you always being there.

I see you everyday, but it’s like you can’t see me.
Am I invisible? Can you not see me?
I wish I had your love.
What have I done to make you hate me? What have I done?...

I see you standing there; you talk to her like you actually care.
But do you care? Or are you just faking it?
You tell me that you love me but I doubt that’s true.
Because to you I’m not even real,
To you I can’t even feel.

So why can’t you see what you’ve done to me?

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