You Will Never Know

October 22, 2009
You will never know what you have done to me.
You will never know you’re losing your love from me.
You will never know a single day alone.
You will never know that I miss you so.

You used to be here for me, I wish you were around; I miss you always being there.

I see you everyday, but it’s like you can’t see me.
Am I invisible? Can you not see me?
I wish I had your love.
What have I done to make you hate me? What have I done?...

I see you standing there; you talk to her like you actually care.
But do you care? Or are you just faking it?
You tell me that you love me but I doubt that’s true.
Because to you I’m not even real,
To you I can’t even feel.

So why can’t you see what you’ve done to me?

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