Epic Bus Ride

October 7, 2009
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Driving down the road,
During a pleasantly warm, calm morning.
The smell of “after rain” is in the air from the night before.
The sound of birds chirping and children laughing fill the air,
As they get ready for school.
I can feel the mourning dew on the handle of my car door.

The air is still without any disruptions.
Everything seems to be in order in the small town.

When out of nowhere!
A bus arrives,
Screaming down the road
Children on the bus screaming for help
I know what I must do.
Instinctually, I chase after the bus
But I’m not worried

Eventually I catch up to the right side of the bus.
I put it in cruise control,
Roll down the window,And climbs out of the window.
I then realize that 2 men have hijacked the school bus!
As a last ditch effort,
I take a leap of faith
Onto the side of the bus,
Hanging on for dear life by an open window.
But I’m not worried.

I climb on top of the bus,
Like a jaguar climbs a tree.
I open the emergency latch,
And am immediately shot at
By the, already agitated, hijackers.
But I’m not worried.

But I dodge the bullets,
with grace and precision.
I back up and barrel rolls into the dangerous men,
Catching him off guard and not giving him enough time to fire a shot off.
I heroically grab the malicious criminals by the neck
And swiftly break it, instantly killing him.

Now I put my attention towards the occupied hijacker,
Who is driving the enraged bus,
Towards a cliff, leading 150 feet to our death
I am now obligated save the 30 plus kids.
But I’m not worried.

I leap on the drivers back attempting to strangle him.
But the hijacker is able to throw me off.
But I find the gun and am able fire off a couple of rounds.
But it isn’t over yet! I have to get up and grab the wheel before the cliff comes.
Luckily, I put on the breaks 20 feet before the cliff.
I was never worried.

Sure the kids are traumatized from the big fight,
But they were all safe and went on their way to school.
Thanks to me!

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biscuithead said...
Oct. 17, 2009 at 3:29 pm
good job foxfire glad you save those kids and got them to school
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