Broken Glass

September 1, 2009
By Anonymous

The pieces tumble down
They clatter on the ground
Blood drips from my hand
In the mess I stand

Glass around me
Glittering pieces of mirror
Each reflects
A difference fear

The dark
Evil clowns
Being alone
And my friends

Each glitters beautifully
And each is another pin
I feel it in my heart
So very sharp

I try to hide
I attempt to run
From all the times
We had fun

So what went wrong?
Why do my friends
I hate
So much

They hurt me
In ways they never knew
They broke me
Into more than a few

My peces fall down
And shatter on the ground
My heart spills
And I scream

Please let it be all a dream
Nothing is right
Everything is wrong
And it falls

The mirror around me
The ache in my hand
Only it is real
In this broken land

Rain falls
And pours down my face
What's that you say?
The rain is fake

It is all in my mind
All in my head
So why is this so terrible
Why is there dread?

It hurts so much
This broken glass
But I am glad
It's gone at last

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