Done with Dancing!

August 4, 2009
By Anonymous

This potion to you I will shortly explain
Will banish mom’s dancing- it’s totally lame
Her outrageous moves I don’t understand
She looks like a fish, just flopping on land

No more embarrassment in front of friends at dances
The end of enduring chaperones shocked glances
You will be so happy with your results
Never again to witness “bopping-to-music” adults

A single teardrop from a dragonfly
The aroma from a skunk that lives close by
The heart from a cat with eyes of red
Beak of a beetle that’s nearly dead
A hair from an eagle’s new born baby
Even the toe of a vampire maybe

Toss these items into your mother’s purse
Stir them clockwise, then stir in reverse
The cheeks of embarrassment will now turn pink
And its stomach will churn and yearn for a sink
Now its humiliation’s turn to know how it feels
Embarrassment is worse than it appeals

Simply all one does is swallow this brew
And dear old mom’s dancing in public is through!

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