Cruising out

August 3, 2009
By IrishSon21 BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
IrishSon21 BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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Lifes full of choices its what you do who makes your who you are.

Who am I to say I love you
When I left, you were right where I wanted
You got just what you wanted
Me growing up
You turning your back on our future
I never meant to stay
Cause he is everything you ever wanted
I never wanted to see you cry but you pushed me to the edge
You used to love me
Then you meet the guy who can also love you
Always be there for you
Instead of protection
You chose obsession
Instead of support
You chose to climb a mountain
Yes, you reached new heights
One day you might fall
Who will catch you?
I won’t
I’m out of your face
Out of sight
One day ill be out of your mind
Everything we had was fake
Everything I believe was just a lie
I don’t understand why you did
The things you did
I am tired of fighting
I won’t be waiting for you to come around
Now your out of my life
I am able to see the sky and breath
This is your happy ending………

The author's comments:
this poem i wrote when the girl of my dreams cheated on me and i kept letting her do it then i finally got up and left.

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