August 7, 2009
By BonsaiNinja GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
BonsaiNinja GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
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The stuff of tabloids and Hollywood
The thing passed in folded papers with an
X and an O
The promise sealed in gold, circled as two crowns
They can be taken off; and papers can tear it apart
The dressy words of Shakespeare
The selfish dribble of Romeo and Juliet
The secret kiss muffled in a pillow
That fleeting daydream painted on school windows
That thing by the fire, held in the heart, worn on the finger
Received in a kiss, promised in a poem, sung in a verse
Wondered in a dream, lost in the cracks, left in the rain
Giggled on a telephone, shared by a friend,
Unconditional in the mind’s eye
Lost on the vain
Consecrated by the scorned—his arms outstretched
A north, south, east, west symbol.

The author's comments:
A poem of love; more like a few scattered images of different types of love. The last, of course, deals with the entity of love: Christ Himself. You don't believe that stuff, you don't like it; get over it. It is what I believe. The second-to-last line it talking about the cross, by the way.

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