The Great War

August 7, 2009
By Anonymous

The trials and tribulations of life
Overwhelm me
Control me and change
That which I’ve become.
Mi mind is like an open book
My eyes are like looking glasses
The light shining in my heart
Is slowly dimming day by day.
What is it that I’m feeling?
I’m torn in so many ways.
The tears swell up inside me
And come crashing down in waves
While the rain comes
Falling down, wiping my tears
And shielding my pain.
I breathe a sigh of relief
As my fears begin to subside.
Inside me is this monster, this
Rage, this fire that is ever consuming,
Burning me from the inside, threatening
To destroy my every being.
But as I look up to the sky I see
New hope, a chance at forgiveness.
My terrible sins exposed
I have nowhere to hide.
So I open up and scream
Releasing built up pressure
And fall slowly to the ground
As an unsettling calm consumes me.
But just as I feel relief
Here comes another test
Another trial of life
And again I am consumed
By the demons that dwell in the darkness
So that I may give testimony
To the never-ending battle
Of darkness and light.

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