The Words I Need to Hear

July 29, 2009
By lovely-nights BRONZE, Holland, Pennsylvania
lovely-nights BRONZE, Holland, Pennsylvania
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I don’t want to end it,

I’ve made that much clear.

But there are some words,

that I need to hear.

I love you so much.

I promise it’s true.

But I need to know,

what I mean to you.

So please say those words,

that I’m dying to hear.

I don’t care how you say them,

I just need to hear.

So sing them

or shout them,

or whisper in my ear.

As long as they’re the words

that I need to hear.

Baby, you’re beautiful

You’re the most stunning girl.

Sweetie you’re gorgeous,

I need you in my world.

I can’t live without you,

for a second, day, or year.

These are the words

that I need

to hear.

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