But it's me!

February 27, 2009
By Stephanie Dardis BRONZE, Easley, South Carolina
Stephanie Dardis BRONZE, Easley, South Carolina
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You tell me you love her
You say that you can't live without her
But at the same time
It's me you call every night.
It's me who you call when she is out doing god knows what.
You always tell me that if I lived where you do,
Then we would be together.
You told me was worth more,
But I'm not worth the drive to see me every weekend?
You have told me everything; you told me when you lost your virginity to her.
And you knew that all I would do is cry that night, just like the night you told me it was over.
I'm the one who cheers you up when she leaves you alone on new years.
I was the person you called when you lost your grandfather.
I'm the one you want to hang out with when you're not in town.
But now you don't call
And I know it's because she doesn't want you to.
I know that she looked through your call history and found my name more than hers,
At one point you said forever,
But I guess you just meant with her.

The author's comments:
This is about one of my X's that sometimes i feel like i just can not get over.

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