How Could I?

July 22, 2009
By Nicholas Nottingham BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
Nicholas Nottingham BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
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He lives, but only with quiet.
No voice, No thoughts.
Nothing comes out, nothing enters in.
Only air could seep to the lungs, only movements of death could be heard.
Deep, take it in swallow the reality of this world.
Show, Share with us all how its taken, taken control.
Torn teethed right through.
Scarred with abuse, Not from them but you.
The world you live in is fake, Come home.
Why did we let you slip? How did I let you fall?
Id fall just to catch myself to accomplish what terrifies my thoughts.
Why are you so scared? Is it the fear of becoming a something?
Is it a deal of rising to fall or falling to rise?
You've came and gone, I thought I could withstood what was ahead.
All along its been straight before your sight.
Even if you manage to find the light you've ruined yourself.
Dismembered who are you. You've scattered your mind across these walls.
Torn your heart shredded a creation of god. You left behind yourself to see what youd become.
Avoidable but yet its smacked you right in the face.
A regret, Pain, How you'll never forget. How I'll never forget.
Leave me to suffer, Leave me to rot my mind.
Its whats deserved, I owe it to myself to forget myself.

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