The Boy

January 16, 2009
By Robert Taylor, Oak Lawn, IL

He wanted to be Mechanical
Away From the Puritanical
Pain pumping through his veins
Corrupting his Emotional Remains
Standing in front of his Reflection
Awaiting Complete Resurrection
Tears caress his Face
Ripping Away All former Grace
Self loathing consuming
The Metal Heart was blooming
The Human is made through Evolution.
As so the struggle Raged Within.
No Worries of a deadly Sin. Walking through Perfection
Forming constant Recollection
The last 3 years flowing wildly
Understanding Blooming Mildly
As He gazed into thy Angel's Eyes
A personal Baptize
Heart pumping at speed Galore
Opening an inner Door
Need for mechanicalization slipping
Tears once again dripping
A Heart Produced from Metal and Pain
To love or hate, Constant Mental strain
Apathy Lost in Paragon
Retribution Undergone. The Angel Smiled in his Direction
Falling in Love was a new Infection
Something weird, Outlandish
But a smile, he does brandish
And for love to strike him back
His heart, much Less Black
Valves reopening, blood flowing
His grin, oh so Showing
A look towards the Skies
Before her Eyes
In Total Misunderstanding
All the love to him, quite disbanding
But what's a boy to do?
But say marry me one day, would you?

The author's comments:
Can you put my full name when saying who wrote it. My full name is Robert Roy Taylor 4th.

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