To My Everyday Heores

July 10, 2009
By Simone BRONZE, Concord, North Carolina
Simone BRONZE, Concord, North Carolina
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To my everyday heroes....thank you.For all the time you catch me before i fall.For saving me from danger and sending me out of harms way.From the first time i had a scrape on my kneeTo time mean girls would bully me.For the times were i almost became the villainAnd you stopped my plans to do no good.In that moment I would hang my head low And you would tell me right from wrong At the end you would say you loved me, turn me around and send me the way i should go.For all the times i watched you defeat all those that tried to hurt me.But even more than that Thank you for showing me wat a true hero means.Thats it's no about the wearing tights for capes. It's about helping all those in need
And protecting the ones you look.
You wear the mask of mom and dad and uncle and aunt.
You wear the mask of teacher, policeman,firefighter or solider.
And we dont say it nearly enough, but our lives would crazy without you.
Who needs Superman?
not me ,beacause i got you.
To my everyday heroes.... Thank you.

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